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Soothing, natural, safe, gentle, fast acting.

PINXAV is skin's best friend. Since 1927, award-winning Pinxav has been used as the first line of defense for the treatment and prevention of diaper rash and other skin rashes and ailments.

The Pinxav formula begins with more of the recommended active ingredient than most brands, plus it contains a highly effective combination of plants, herbs and vitamins that provides fast, effective relief and heals diaper rash fast.

Indeed, there are two common refrains among our many satisfied customers: “Nothing else worked,” and, “Pinxav works overnight!” That’s why we offer an unconditional money back guarantee to customers who are not fully satisfied with the product.

It's not just for diaper rash--it's so much more!

Did you know that Pinxav does more than just heal diaper rash? You can use Pinxav for treating bug bites, heat rashes, sunburns, poison ivy and to manage chafing from athletic activities. Pinxav is your skin's best friend!